Gaining Peace of Mind to Everything That Happens in your Life

Fears, rejections and worries, this is what fuels the human psyche to do anything just so they can get satisfaction. Satisfaction undeniably brings peace of mind, but only to a temporal amount. Achievement can give you a high, but you will need to add more to your achievement, and to achieve, you will need to worry and face fears and rejections as you go. So how do you go about having a peace of mind?

Peace of mind is retaining balance. It is recognizing the need for struggle, and the need for pleasure. It is also finding that everything is according to your plan, yet accepting the fact that everything may not go accordingly to your plan. It is having a back-up plan when you know things can go wrong, or confidence in yourself that your plan can work effectively and you can face the troubles associated with your plan.

When a plan does not work, that is when stress develops. When stress develops, you cannot think rationally. It is important to meditate for at least an hour. Have an hour of silence with yourself and think about your objectives and goals. When you learn to accept a situation, that is when you can think of ways to provide a solution for it.


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When Confused, Accept Two Outcomes

A friend of yours is currently in a fit against another friend. Both have insufficient evidences for their claims and until then, remain opposing and avoiding each other. But then, one day they ask you to tell them who is right. You explained that they both have insufficient evidences, but both were appealing to who you were siding on. You have two options: choose from one of them, or just walk away.

This confusing situation is an example of the difficulty of making decisions when it is subjective. As humans, we are all prone to this difficulty when subjectivity and attachment is involved. My advice here is to accept two outcomes to your situation.

The only way out of confusing situations is through, and to get through, you need to make a choice. Weigh the consequences and create a plan for both consequences if you’re only made to choose from one of them. It may be the hard way, but it is the only right way.

Life is not about pleasing other people, but making yourself happy and ensuring the progress of your physical, emotional and mental growth. This is a form of emotional growth because it helps you deal with future confusion, which would allow you to make better decisions in such situations.

You will make no right or wrong decisions, just ones that you could not accept. Once you accept the consequences of any decision, you will learn something about your life and yourself.

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Fears Are Just What They Are; Fears

The fear of rejection is just one part of fear that a person feels when he or she finds it awkward to socialize. What prevents people from doing something is the fear of falling into a trap, which frustrates their expectations or could even change their lives. However, the trap is non-existent; it only exists because the person allows it to exist in his or her mind.

Fears are just thoughts circulating in your mind. One constructs limitations on him or herself when he or she realizes their capabilities, desires, passions and personality. These limitations define him or her and the fears are there to ensure that he or she never submits to changes that may be fruitful for him or her.

However, fears are just what they are: thoughts. They do not exist. The human body has powerful capabilities that you are only using a small percentage because you limit yourself based only on your thoughts. The best solution to fears is to just do the task needed. If you are asked to bungee jump without prior experience, just jump and don’t think about it.

The moment you fear something is the moment you expect yourself to perform in the same way you did in your first attempt. However, if you continue to fear, you do not submit yourself to change. You do not give yourself a chance at redemption and you give yourself a reason to remain stuck in the past.

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You Will Not Always Win

Life is a series of ups and downs and this particular cliché had been heard and scratched for thousands of times in novels, movies and music. However, it is an eternal truth. Change is constant and for competitions, regardless of your competitiveness, it is possible to fail and lose to superior powers than you.

A person who can accept the fact that they will not always win in the things they understand they are capable of overcoming are those who truly win. There is always a great margin of error even if you try to narrow the margin with practice and consistent diligence in honing your craft. However, winning is not everything in a competition.

In the game of life, the person who is resilient and who turns downfalls into opportunities are people who actually win. Resilience and adaptability are highly important values for professionals who need to rebound quickly from a superior or a company blunder and for those focusing on improving themselves for their own betterment.

Another opportunity and realizing that you have so many chances to improve upon your failures is the important part of life. You will not always win, but you can always try. Those who consistently keep trying will always prevail in life.

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Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

If you’re wondering why you don’t have too many friends is because there is only one thing wrong about you and that is the fear of rejection. No, there is nothing wrong with the way you look, the way you speak and the way you bring yourself. There is also nothing wrong with your favourite hobbies or your personality. However, a fear of rejection is holding you back to reach out and make friends with people.

When you put people on a pedestal, you have actually judged their personalities. This is understandable if the person is actually very important and you’ll need to set an appointment in talking to him or to her. However, if this is just your normal average person, you could always reach out and say hi to them without worrying.

But the fear of rejection is thinking about what if the person finds something annoying or undesirable about you. When they do, you actually feel that you do not need to talk to them. You shrug them off, telling them that you would not probably fit in their society and talking to them is something unnecessary.

Overcoming your fear of rejection is doable if you overcome putting people in pedestals. Remember, they’re the same as you; shy and thinking in the same way that you’re probably going to reject them when you talk. Opening up and showing them that you wouldn’t reject anybody you talked to is the key to talk to people that you don’t know and overcoming this particular fear.

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Why Talking to People is Highly Important

Existentialism and philosophy promotes man’s most innate desires and objectives in the world as based on their self-interest. This means that everything a man or a woman wants does come from him or herself and only he or she could attain their particular end goal. This leaves out the factor that an intention could be affected by a decision or influence of another person.

For most people, especially cynics, the involvement of other people in affairs that are your own is the biggest annoyance and catalyst of many problems in the world. The involvement of other people in your interests raises the risk that you will not achieve the end result you were looking for.

However, it is highly important to talk to people. No amount of philosophy can cure the feeling of loneliness. Self-actualization is not possible without struggle and other people could either drag you down in your struggle or actually lift you up and aid you in your struggle.

Where bonds develop, responsibility and obligation also develops. This is where people are usually afraid. No amount of help goes unrewarded and most of the time, the rewards are future aids that the person who initially helped you will ask of you in the future.

However, loneliness is an opponent too powerful to overcome alone. This is why interacting with other people is important. This is why people succumb to the risk of pain just to alleviate the biggest pain of being and feeling alone.


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How PPI Complaints Dramatically Improve the UK’s Economy

Aside from the fact that you will get back your complete compensation through a PPI complaint, PPI complaints actually help the UK’s economy. UK’s economic outlook might look good through the growth policies enforced by Chancellor George Osborne, but the Office of National Statistics’ figures show that not only properties increase in price, but also the activities of consumers.

The ONS stressed that they noted a 13.4% increase in car registrations from the last months of 2012 to the early half of 2013. The increase in car registrations came as more banks enforced proper and timely PPI redresses. To know your actual refund amounts, you could consult a PPI calculator UK help websites and claims company websites could provide you.

Economists see PPI as more effective than quantitative easing and tax reductions because it actually delivers money for the use of household to invest or spend in any way. The ONS completely supports the fact that PPI repayments have been holding back household spending for many years until the government forced the financial industry to pay back all consumers.

A PPI calculator company representative said that banks are improving in treating their customers properly but they still have a lot of work to do to finally rid the UK of the mis sold PPI scandal.

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The Kind of Education You Need for Today’s World

Many unemployed youth complain that their governments cannot provide them jobs. However, the reality is that jobs are readily available anywhere in the world, but most of the youth do not have the skillset needed for such profession or they are not interested by it given that it is a menial task that actually pays little to enough money.

The trouble with education is that it gives a student, especially the fresh graduate, a sense of direction and guarantee in life. A good college education will give anybody a fighting chance against today’s competitive and short-listed industries. However, the reality is that jobs for college skillsets need experience, as demanded by employers and to gain experience, sometimes you do not get paid or you even have to pay for such to be employed for experience.

This is understandable, given that clerical positions in a well-renowned business without pay gives you experience in the industry and guarantees you a higher salary once you get employed in a job that does not require experience. However, you will need money, and the best way to earn it is through a part-time job.

Expanding your knowledge is the kind of education you need; the more you know, the higher your chances of being successful in the career your college degree affords you. But for the meantime, you will need to start from below, where you will be juggling two jobs, one for your experience and one for your earning.

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An Infinite Obsession of Control

Most freethinkers believe that people built the image of a God so that they could believe in something that gave them strength. With the image of someone watching over their every activity, people started to understand the value of a common belief that empowers those who lacks wealth or power for themselves.

Religion and the image of God became a way for man to control his or her every action. Someone acting as the biggest controller of the world allowed men to control their aspirations in life. The biggest control religion gave was the ability to control other people, even the most powerful and richest of all people.

Anybody was bound to give back to the God created by the masses and the leaders of such who promote the idea of God. The richest will kneel down in front of such a deity, even the most corrupt. In a way, religion taught people to deny the very instinct they have to ensure a fluid and balanced society.

Today’s modern generation eschews the idea of religion or a common belief and they understand that they can control themselves. Every action they do is their responsibility. What comes with existentialism is a capability to control one’s self, but not in a way in stepping towards a common goal or belief, but the belief of one’s self.

Man has an infinite appetite for control, which matches his unparalleled appetite for power. Anybody who has the most power controls most of the earth.

But then again, power is responsibility. Would someone really want to be God? Being knowledgeable in a field gives you the responsibility of addressing yourself to become stronger and better as it is one’s pride to ensure that their power is in check.

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Why the Hard Way is the Right Way

How do people become legends in their own right? How do national heroes do it? Is it because they are passionate for their countries or for their own interest that they defy such inhuman or amazing feats? Many legends are amazing and ridiculous at the same time because the human is given god-like attributes that as far as we all know, don’t really exist.

However, anybody could be a superhuman if they could do the right things, and believe me, more often than not, the right things are the hardest things you could do. For example, if you’re fed up with your job but need money, the best option is to quit and find a lower paying job that you love. It is a hard choice to sacrifice stability, but if you could find your soul and inner peace, then you’re probably doing the right thing.

The road less taken is less frequent with people, which makes those who tread on such a path special. Anybody who faces adversity with courage and valour is one that becomes a legend and to face such adversity is a difficult task.

If you want to do something right, do something hard. Start working on the diet and exercise routine you have been putting off. You could start learning a new instrument to play. You could begin showing affection for your significant other or to your parents if you’re not used to it. There are so many things you could do right if you could just overcome the difficulty of doing it.

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